Easy Read Information

We have gathered a number of resources that explain Coronavirus, social distancing and the different guidelines in an easy read format.

These can be viewed or downloaded below:


  • Dr Ranj from CBeebies appears with Teddy Bear Bubble in a video explaining how the COVID-19 test is done – you can watch it here.
  • Hft Learning Disabilities have produced a video guide on COVID-19 for people with a learning disability – you can watch it here.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine advice in Makaton produced by Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust – you can watch it here.


File name Type Size Download
If you need to go to Hospital PDF 0.2MB Download
Coronavirus Vital Information PDF 0.8MB Download

Chief Medical Officer Letters in Easy Read

File name Type Size Download
Letter to all adults with Down's Syndrome about Shileding List PDF 0.7MB Download
Letter to adults with Down's syndrome living in a level 4 area PDF 0.9MB Download
Additional information for people living in Level 4 area about Priority Shopping PDF 0.5MB Download
Information on restriction measures for all levels PDF 0.7MB Download

Information about the COVID-19 Vaccine

File name Type Size Download
What you need to know about the COVID-19 Vaccine PDF 6.9MB Download
Coronavirus Vaccine - DSA PDF 1.3MB Download

Boardmaker - Social Distancing

File name Type Size Download
My Social Distancing Story PDF 3.0MB Download


File name Type Size Download
How to Stay Safe JPEG 0.1MB Download
If you get ill JPEG 0.1MB Download
Lockdown JPEG 0.1MB Download
Shielding JPEG 0.1MB Download
Being on your own JPEG 0.1MB Download
Why we wear PPE JPEG 0.1MB Download
Covid Vacine - Who gets it first? PDF 1.2MB Download

Beyond Word - Easy Read books on getting a test and preparing getting the vaccine

File name Type Size Download
Having a Vaccine for Coronavirus PDF 3.2MB Download
Having a Test for Coronavirus at a Drive Through Centre PDF 1.4MB Download
Having a Home Test for Coronavirus PDF 4.3MB Download
Having a Test for Coronavirus(shows home testing and drive through testing) PDF 7.0MB Download

Books written for Children and Young people

File name Type Size Download
Lucy's in Lockdown PDF 8.8MB Download
Covid Book PDF 1.5MB Download

Down's Syndrome Association - Easy read information

File name Type Size Download
Staying Safe PDF 1.9MB Download
Social Distancing PDF 1.2MB Download