A Gift in your Will

Leave a little, help a lot…inverleith-park-63-of-98

Once you have taken care of your loved ones, a Gift in Your Will to Down’s Syndrome Scotland could make a remarkable difference to our future.

Lesley from Fife who has pledged to leave a gift to Down’s Syndrome Scotland in her Will said, “As I get older I realise that I am not always going to be around in the future.  As my daughter grows up I tell her that Down’s Syndrome Scotland will be there to listen and help speak on her behalf, whenever she may need them”.

Help people continue to realise their potential in years to come…

Down’s Syndrome Scotland offers comprehensive ‘all through life’ support during pregnancy, through early years development, education, to leaving school, entering employment and independent living and then growing older.  We also speak on peoples behalf regarding relevant issues of government policy and legislation.

In other words, we’re there every step of the way.  Whenever people need us most.  But now we need a helping hand from you.

Being the only charity in Scotland working exclusively for the benefit of people with Down’s syndrome and their families, we are totally dependent on the generosity of our donors.

inverleith-park-59-of-98By leaving a Gift in Your Will you will help ensure that we can continue to be the voice for people with Down’s syndrome in Scotland, now and in the future.

You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will, the amount of your legacy can be large or small, but its impact for future generations of people born with Down’s syndrome can be more significant than ever imagined.

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will you should contact a solicitor for advice and assistance.