Down’s Syndrome Awareness Lesson with I Am Me Scotland

We were delighted to work with I Am Me Scotland to produce a Down’s Syndrome Awareness Lesson which will be used in Schools and by organisations across the UK. This resource aims to explain what Down’s Syndrome is to children in a way that is engaging and easy to understand and aims to dispel the stigma and myths that are commonly associated with Down’s syndrome.

The resource includes a short film, animations and an interactive classroom lesson narratives by children and young people with Down’s syndrome. It is available free to schools and organisations throughout the UK via I Am Me’s online learning platform – which you can access by clicking here.

Here is the animation that was produced as part of the resource:


I Am Me Scotland was set up to educate young people and the wider community about disabilities, bullying and hate crime. You can learn more about their mission and the other resources they produce by visiting their website here. The resource was made with the assistance of Wouldn’t Change a Thing and Down’s syndrome Scotland. The animated characters have been created by London-based animator Alex Amelines.