Celebrating National Siblings Day – 10th April 2022

Date: 10th April 2022


10th April 2022

Short blog by Eddie McConnell, Chief Executive of Down’s Syndrome Scotland(first published on World Down’s Syndrome Day 2019)


I can’t recall a day when I have not thought or spoken about Finlay.  He is our youngest child. So today, on National Siblings Day, I choose to write about Rona, Emily, Grant and Vicki.

You see, in the days after the birth of our ‘bonus ball’ so many people offered support, encouragement and love.  Amidst the cacophony of all of that kindness, and the occasional unsolicited advice, an older friend shared with me a wise and beautiful truth:

“In the years that lie ahead” he said, “watch how your other children grow and become very socially aware individuals, observe them become defenders of diversity and promoters of equality.

“Allow yourself to feel some pride as they grow up with a unique insight and understanding of what it means to live in a world where you are perceived as different.” He wasn’t wrong, that wise older friend.

Today, and every day, I burst with pride at the way Vicki, Grant, Emily and Rona embrace their younger brother who just happens to have an extra chromosome. Each has a very special and unique relationship with him and they love him dearly and are loved in return a hundred fold.

I have watched them play, learn, laugh, cry and get frustrated with their younger brother in equal measure and as they now find their own place in the world, I have seen them tackle prejudice, spread understanding and promote inclusion.

They are each facing their own challenges and successes in their chosen and different paths, but they are connected by a golden thread of kindness, tolerance and social justice.

So, on National Siblings Day I celebrate Rona, Emily, Grant and Vicki and all siblings everywhere which, of course, includes young Finlay.

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