October 2023

An Interview with Cher about her Job

Date: 25th October 2023

Cher Collins is employed by Down’s Syndrome Scotland as an Engagement Worker and she works with teenagers and young adults with Down’s syndrome on our TeenZ Space and FriendZ Space Programmes. She also delivers awareness training to education and healthcare professionals. She joined the charity a year ago and this is her first paid job.  […]


Neck Instability

Date: 17th October 2023

Atlantoaxial instability (AAI), also referred to as a Cervical Spine Instability (CSI) is a very rare neck condition which is more common in individuals with Down’s syndrome and causes sudden dislocation of the neck. The Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) and The Down’s Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG) have a resource which explains what neck instability […]


Health Matters

Date: 3rd October 2023

Breaking news: studies show that people with Down’s syndrome are dying 28 years younger than the general population, despite some advances in recent years. Only, it’s not breaking news. We have known for some time that people with Down’s syndrome face hugely significant health inequalities compared to their fellow citizens who have one less chromosome. […]