Module 3: Teaching Numbers and Everyday Maths Skills

This session further expands on the learning covered in modules 1 & 2, specifically looking at how to teach numeracy to children with Down’s syndrome following key learning principles and using effective teaching strategies.

Module content:

  • The relationship between Language and Numeracy
  • Identify the basic Numeracy principles and how to teach these skills separately
  • Explore strategies to support children with Down’s syndrome with their development of numeracy & mathematics skills
  • Understand the importance of the relationship between Numeracy skills and independent living.

Please be aware that the fee highlighted below is per person attending the session.

Training will take place using Zoom.

Please ensure you are able to access Zoom from your chosen device, prior to joining the session. Some schools/nurseries may need to consult with their IT department to arrange this.

The Zoom link will be emailed to you ahead of time (usually 2 days before) from   

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Available Dates

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Thursday 6th June - 4-5pm
£ 45.00
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