General Volunteer

General volunteers, who are happy to help on an ad hoc basis or on a regular basis are a great addition to our staff. The sort of help we need might be for example at fundraising events or it might be to help us when we are doing a mailout to our members. It might also be picking up a cheque on behalf of the charity from a fundraiser.

Some of the tasks include;

  • Managing a small collection of static collection cans in local shops
  • Helping with a mail out to our members
  • Helping out at a fundraising event
  • Picking up a cheque or taking part in a photo opportunity

If you think that you would like to help and can afford to spend regular (or sporadic) time volunteering for us, please email and someone from the team will make contact with you and arrange an informal interview to see what you think you would like to do to help us.