Drop a Dress Size

What better challenge to start the new year with!  With the third copy of chromosome 21 in mind, the challenge is a sponsored 21lbs weight loss in 3 three months (an average of 14 lbs is usually the difference between one dress size and another) and 3 months gives you a safe 1 1/2 to 2lb average loss per week to aim for.

However we understand everyone has different weight loss goals therefore please do choose a target suitable to you!

The idea for this fundraising initiative came about as many adults with Ds struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight can impact heavily on joint and muscle problems as we all age.  Therefore our campaign also helps to raise awareness of some of the challenges people with Down’s syndrome face.

We want this to be safe so we recommend that you follow a nutritionally structured and balanced plan to achieve this and suggest that you choose a commercial weight-loss company that has food and menu selections that suit you and your way of life.

Email us today for your fundraising pack or for more information, at Kerry@dsscotland.org.uk.