Donate your old Pound Coins

As you may already know the old £1 pound is going out of circulation from 15th October. This means it will no longer be accepted in shops, cafes or restaurants. 

But just because they can’t be used in shops anymore doesn’t mean they are useless. If you donate them to us you will be helping us continue our sterling work supporting people with Down’s syndrome and their families.

20 £1 coins will pay for a information pack for parents of a new baby with Down’s syndrome. 

These packs help to provide a positive outlook for the new parents and ensure that they are able to assess information and support when they need it.


So check your pockets, piggy banks and even down the sofa for any old pound coins you may have.

There are lots of different ways you can get your old pound coins into us;

  1. Simply drop them in to us at our office- Riverside House, 502 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh.
  2. Bank your coins and send us a cheque or do a bank transfer.
  3. Or donate online using the link below.

Don’t forget the £1 coin will go out of circulation on 15th October so be sure to get your coins into us by 10th October.