Tea for 21

We have seen some fantastic Tea for 21 events this Awareness week. Thank you to everyone who has got involved. There is still time to hold your own Tea for 21 event.

What is Tea for 21?

Tea for 21 is a great fundraiser for getting everyone together and holding a tea party during March! Everyone likes tea and cake so what better way to have a fundraiser than combine the two together.

The choices are endless, you could hold a tea morning, invite 21 friends for tea and cake,or charge friends £2.10 for a tea party or even make a scrumptious dinner/tea and charge guests £21!

You could also do Tea for 21 at your work or school by taking cakes in and asking for a donation of £2.10! Whatever variation you choose ask for one of our Tea for 21 packs today to give you lots of ideas and helpful hint and tips.

If you have any questions about Tea for 21 or would like any help planning your event please get in touch by phoning 0131 442 8840 or email fundraising@dsscotland.org.uk.