Choose a challenge of your choice for 21 Nights, Days, Hours or Minutes

Your Challenge – Your Way – In Your Time!

Throughout October you can step up for Down’s syndrome in Scotland by taking on your own 21 Challenge, or why not organise your 21 Challenge with friends, family or colleagues.

You have the power to change Pounds into Potential for people of all ages in Scotland with Down’s syndrome  

You could make your challenge physical and run, walk, swim or cycle one mile or perhaps 5k every day for 21 days. Setting up an online giving page, such as JustGiving, is the easiest way to ask people to donate to your challenge and help raise vital funds. The possibilities are endless. Just think of how you could give yourself a rewarding challenge and also raise funds and awareness that will help shape a brighter future for everyone with an extra chromosome.

Or, especially for Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day you could do 21-on-21!  So you could do:

  • 21 keepie-uppies in your garden
  • 21 dance routines
  • Bake 21 cupcakes and share online
  • Sing and sign 21 songs

This is your challenge to choose.  Think of the things you love to do and see if they can be completed 21-in-21.

You can sign up to take part at