Education Professional Training and Consultation

We are here to help teachers and educational support staff in supporting and positively including children and young people with Down’s syndrome in their nursery or school.

We provide CPD accredited training, support and information to nurseries and schools in all 32 local authorities across Scotland.

We offer bespoke training and support on specific issues to suit you as well as dedicated consultation sessions and a series of four online interactive training modules with one of our Support Team.

Our Training modules cover:

  • Including & Supporting a Child with Down’s Syndrome in your school
  • Teaching Reading Using the Whole Word Approach
  • Teaching Numbers and Everyday Maths Skills
  • Understanding & Supporting Behaviour that Communicates

You can find out more about each of these courses and book a place online below.

Payment is required prior to the training event taking place, booking online requires you to pay via Paypal, if you require an invoice instead please contact

Consultation Service

Our bespoke consultation service can support you with specific guidance or information related to the development or learning for a child with Down’s syndrome and provide practical and effective strategies to positively support their inclusion in your school or nursery. A dedicated, in-person consultation visit includes observation of an individual child within a nursery/school environment and a feedback and support session with key staff. These sessions can also include support with how to differentiate curriculum learning materials and a written feedback consultation summary report is provided.

To book & arrange training or a consultation support visit for your nursery or school please contact us directly on 0300 030 2121 or email

All bookings are subject to our Family Support Training Terms and Conditions which can be viewed here.

All of our online sessions comply with our Online Safeguarding policy, this can be accessed here, please take the time to read this policy prior to your session if you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them.

Education Professionals Training

Module 1: Including and Supporting a Child with Down’s syndrome in Your School

This module aims to ensure you feel confident to meet the additional support needs and positively include children and young people with Down’s syndrome in your nursery or school. Module content: What Down’s syndrome is, associated features and health issues that affect learning and development Development and learning profile of children with Down’s syndrome Effective […]

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Module 2: Teaching Reading Using the Whole Word Approach

This module expands on the learning covered in module 1, specifically looking at how to teach reading to children with Down’s syndrome and why it’s so important. Module content: Using the whole word approach and exploring strategies using this approach to teach reading How phonics can support the whole word approach The importance of teaching […]

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Module 3: Teaching Numbers and Everyday Maths Skills

This session further expands on the learning covered in modules 1 & 2, specifically looking at how to teach numeracy to children with Down’s syndrome following key learning principles and using effective teaching strategies. Module content: The relationship between Language and Numeracy Identify the basic Numeracy principles and how to teach these skills separately Explore […]

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Module 4: Understanding and Supporting Behaviour that Communicates

This module is aimed at teachers and support staff to support with understanding and positively supporting the behaviour of children and young people with Down’s syndrome. Module content: What causes behaviour that may be perceived as challenging or difficult to manage How our values influence how we perceive behaviour How to undertake a functional approach […]

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