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Background to ABC

The Achieving Better Communication (ABC) groups were started in Edinburgh in October 2006 by a group of parents and Speech and Language Therapist Sue Wilson. Down’s Syndrome Scotland took over the management of the Edinburgh groups in 2010 and began to look at models and ways of delivering a more national service.  In the years that followed we ran a very successful pilot project evaluated by The University of Strathclyde and are delighted to see ABC groups flourishing.  We continue to be very grateful to the funders who have supported the developments over the last few years.

What is an ABC group? 

The groups run weekly during term time and provide information and support to parents and activities for children to develop speech, language and communication skills that can be continued in the home and school environment.  The activities and approach take into account research findings on the learning style and specific profile of language development in children with Down’s syndrome. The groups will normally consist of 2, 3 or 4 children and the sessions vary in length depending on size of group from 30 minutes up to 1 hour long. A parent or carer attends with each child and joins the group activities.

Each child will have a set of communication targets set by the Speech and Language Therapist that are re-assessed twice a year.

What time will the group be?

The groups occur during term time between 10am and 4.30pm.  The groups tend to have the younger children in the morning and the older children in the afternoon.  This is usually because younger children may become more tired.

The groups run during the school day and you may be worried about your child missing school/nursery however, there are many benefits for your child attending the groups and school or nursery staff are invited to join sessions to share targets and activities.  If you are worried about this please give us a call.

Name of Co-worker(s) Day Venue
ABC Glasgow Katy Lironi Tuesday and Friday Langside Parish Church
ABC Aberdeen Dawn McIntosh Wednesday Inchgarth Community Centre
ABC Perth Dawn McIntosh Thursday Scout Hut, Perth Academy
ABC Lothian Fiona Kennedy and Lorna Sanderson Friday Riverside House
ABC Orkney Alison Hone Saturday The Pickaquoy Centre Trust

For session date for each group please check the links below.

ABC Glasgow Fri dates 2016-17

ABC Glasgow Tue dates 2016-17

ABC Aberdeen dates 2016-17

ABC Perth dates 2016-17

ABC Lothian dates 2016-17

ABC Orkney dates 2016-17

ABC Angus dates 2016-17

ABC East Kilbride 2016-17

Cost of the groups

The funding we secure goes some way to funding the staff, training, venue and materials provided in the groups.  However we ask parents to pay £6.00 a session or £3.00 for those on lower income/benefits, towards the cost of the group’s payable each term on receipt of an invoice. If you would like to take part and the payment is causing you concern, then please get in touch.

For more information on the ABC groups please contact:

Helen Hayes

Speech and Language Therapist

0131 442 8840

Mobile: 07712 394830


Please download the appropriate referral form for your area by clicking on the relevant button below. Please complete and e-mail to