Life Stories Project- My Life My Future

Life Stories is a new project people with Down’s syndrome in Edinburgh and Fife.


Your life story can help people in your life really get to know you. It can also help you share with others and find out about them too.


It can help  you have a say in the support or services you may have or need later on.


It can tell others what is important to you to have in your life and future.


A life story can help us remember as we grow older.


My Life My Future will help you:

  • Get started and guide you through the work.
  • Think about your stories, memories, life events and all the important things that make you who you are.
  • With the steps needed to gather your information.
  • To make sense of all the information you have collected and put it together in the way you choose.
  • Learn how to use your life story every day.


For more information about this project contact Brenda Hepburn on 0131 442 8848 or email