Continuing with your pregnancy

CONTINUING WITH YOUR PREGNANCY - imageYou may have been given a high chance result* for your baby having Down’s syndrome and decided on no further testing or you may have had a diagnostic test which told you that your baby definitely has Down’s syndrome. Regardless we understand that this will be a very anxious time thinking about what the future will hold for you and your family.  We also understand at this time that will go through a range of emotions, this is natural and you should try not to worry.  We are here to help you through these early days and will continue to support throughout your pregnancy, should you wish.

We have a booklet called Getting to know a baby with Down’s syndrome specifically written for new parents as well as their family and friends which will help you and those close to you understand more about Down’s syndrome and how they can support you at this time.

You may also find our Little Booklet About Babies helpful.

Our Family Support Service are here is answer any questions you might have. You can contact them by emailing or you can get the contact details for the family support officer in  your area HERE.

We can also put you in touch with other parents who can share their experiences with you if you would like.


*DSS would like ‘chance’ to be considered as best practice working, however you may hear your result given as ‘risk’ as many medical professionals still use this term.