Health Checks and Additional Support

stock-image-baby-with-colourful-backgroundSome babies may be born with additional health issues. When your baby is born, a paediatrician will carry out some routine health checks. It is important that you continue to attend all the health appointments provided by the medical staff in order to feel confident that your baby is progressing well, and if there are any health issues they are then dealt with and responded to early.

The inserts for your little red book produced by Down’s Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG UK) mentioned earlier provide information about health aspects and the health checks your baby will receive, alongside a specific graph to plot your baby’s growth. If you have specific concerns about your baby’s health, we would recommend that you contact your health visitor, GP or paediatrician in the first instance.

We have not mentioned specific health issues here as there is no point in worrying about health concerns that your baby doesn’t have. However, there is some basic information in ‘Getting to know a baby with Down’s syndrome’

If your baby has specific health conditions we can provide further information on these so please just get in touch. Our Family Support Team are available to chat and provide support in relation to any aspects of your baby’s health. Please get in touch by emailing