Inclusive Education For All

Date: 26th January 2022

During 2022, we are working with Down Syndrome International (DSi) and Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) on a UK-wide research and advocacy project on ‘Inclusive Education’.

This project aims to raise awareness of the benefits of inclusive education for all learners, including those who have Down’s syndrome.

What do we mean by Inclusive Education?

Inclusive education is education that includes everyone, regardless of disability or additional needs, learning together in mainstream schools, colleges, and universities. In order for inclusive education to work for everybody the system needs to consider and adapt to the needs of everyone, rather than individuals having to adapt to the system.  Inclusive education is a recognised right under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disbaility (2006).

However, in practice, we know individuals’ experiences with the definition and implementation of inclusive education differ vastly.

Over the course of the year, Down’s Syndrome International will be sharing key messages on the subject of Inclusive Education including videos from professionals, those with lived experience and self-advocates. You can view the blogs they have produced so far here and watch a playlist of their videos on the campaign here.

You can read more about the project via Down Syndrome International’s website here:

You can also sign to hear the latest updates on the campaign here.