Study Day – including Awareness & Inclusion and Supporting a Child with Down’s syndrome in your school with Learning Literacy & Numeracy.


This course will give you an understanding of what Down syndrome is, some of the associated features, and health issues and the development and learning profile of children with Down’s syndrome. You will have had the opportunity to consider strategies to support inclusion and tailor learning to meet their specific needs.

It will also looks specifically at how to teach reading to children with Down’s syndrome and why it’s so important.

You will gain an understanding of the whole word approach and explore strategies using this approach to teach reading. You will gain an understanding of how phonics can support the whole word approach and the importance of teaching reading and its impact on ‘talking’. As well as looking at how to teach  numeracy to children with Down’s syndrome following key learning principles and using effective teaching strategies.

I previously through, ‘What are they going to tell us about Down’s syndrome?’ But I left with a massive increase in the understanding and lots of strategies.”- Primary School Teacher

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20th May, 10am - 2pm
£ 125.00
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