DSI work on global clinical guidelines for people with Down’s Syndrome

Date: 23rd August 2017

girl-running-canadaDown Syndrome International (DSi) is working on a major project to improve health care for people with Down syndrome across the world. They are developing global clinical guidelines for people with Down’s syndrome which will be used by all professionals who work with people with Down’s Syndrome.

Every year DSi organise a Conference for World Down Syndrome Day, over the last several years one of the key issues that has been raised during these is the disparity of —— of Down’s Syndrome globally. This is something they they want to address with this project. The guidelines they are working to develop will be able to be used by: healthcare professionals, people with Down syndrome and their supporters, national Down’s syndrome organisations, managers, commissioners of services and charities. The aim is to encourage best practice, improve efficiency, optimise value for money and ensure people with Down’s syndrome are treated for medical conditions on an equal basis with others.

They are currently seeking input from experts and stakeholders from across the world in the process. They are initially looking to create guidelines on cardiac disorder and thyroid disorder in people with Down’s syndrome.

If you or anyone you know, specialises in these fields and would be interested in contributing visit ds-int.org/development-clinical-guidelines-people-down-syndrome to apply.

We will keep you updated to this project as it progresses.