Mark McDougall- Day 4

Date: 15th April 2016


Greetings from Kinlochleven, again!Mark McDougal

I was on my way about 7.30am, after a hearty cooked breakfast to set me up for the day.

A sweat-inducing climb out of Kinlochleven saw me in Lairigmor, the Great Pass. Dramatic scenery, with the high hills on both sides and the track running on as far as the eye could see.

I have to admit to myMark McDougal 2 head going down a wee bit during these early miles. Thoughts of the distance ahead, both seen and unseen, my achy feet and tired legs, missing my family, and thinking about the climb going the other way out of Kinlochleven tomorrow were all combining.

However, I put my Mindfulness practice to good use, accepted things were the way they were, and got on with it.

Reaching Fort William gave me a lift, and I stopped for a photo with a rather silent fellow who was sitting at the “new” official finish point. I have attached this and a photo of the view he was so mesmerised by.

I felt better on the return to Kinlochleven than I had on the outward journey, but I was still glad to reach the viewpoint above the town before I began my descent getting back just after 5pm.

Spent the rest of the day with my feet up and watching telly, pleased with how things had went. Mark McDougal 3