Our Policy Panel

As an organisation, we hope to strengthen the voice of people with Down’s syndrome and their families by informing the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament and other relevant organisations of our members’ concerns and interests. As well as meeting with officials and politicians to raise issues, DSS policy work also involves replying to consultations and calls for evidence launched by various agencies.


In order to inform DSS’s policy work, we established DSS Policy Panel in late 2013.  As of May 2017 DSS Policy Panel has 22 members that can be contacted by our Policy Officer to comment on specific policy issues. Gathering evidence from families throughout the country is extremely valuable for our policy work. Personal experiences can help us develop recommendations for local and national authorities on how to improve services for people with Ds and their families across Scotland. Since 2013 we have commented on a wide range of topics including screening, education, welfare reform, national care standards, access to sport, or dementia.

Vivien Jayne, our Policy Officer, is always looking for new members to join DSS Policy Panel. If this is of interest to you, please contact Vivien on 0131 442 8840 or  Vivien@dsscotland.org.uk.